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Hello! I was looking at dates and I’ve seen that I’m about to turn eight years of Isodieta. I think it’s time to take a quick look at these years of continuous satisfaction!
As I have told other times, I arrived at the Isodieta after a lifetime of “normality”.

  • En el año 2010, After having suffered two deep thrombosis in the left femoral, being malnourished and quite overweight, despite having lost a few kilos (of muscle mass) for inappropriate diets, I still weighed over 100 kilos and every time I felt looser!
  • That’s when I got to know the book Isodieta and as I was reading it, I started to apply it, with enough success in the immediate results, losing fat, and recovering muscle mass!
  • As I found myself getting better and more active, I was doing some weight training and cycling, without dedicating myself to it more than amateur level, but despite everything, I reached a good level, and in less than a year I was over 78 / 80 kilos, with very good health and eager to do things!
  • The following was to do pilates instructor courses, in several modalities and Biomechanics applied to Pilates.
  • The last thing has been a continuous achievement of goals that have led me to what I am now … Of course I follow the Isodieta quite a bit, I remain stable in my weight of 78 kilos and I already dedicate myself fully to pilates instructor and masseur, with just turned 57, without the minimum sign of thrombosis, in the best physical shape of all my life, with a degree of personal satisfaction, and thanks to the Isodieta, with Jaime Brugos at the head, and with special mention to Roberto Brugos, who was the first to attend to me, and who continues to provide everything necessary for all this is a wonderful reality!


Vicente Ribas

Hello everyone, last month it was 2 years since I started the Isodieta and since tomorrow is also 2 years since I suffered a myocardial infarction, it seems a good moment to thank again everything I have learned about nutrition and that has helped me recover and return to having a practically normal heart, going from a LVEF indicator of 45% upon leaving the hospital (LVEF is the most commonly used indicator to express how strong or weak the ventricle contracts Left. The LVEF of a normal heart is superior to 50) to a LVEF of 64.

I am sure that I greatly owe this improvement to putting into practice everything I’ve learned by reading the books of Adelgazar Sin Milagros by Carlos Abehsera that helped me find the way forward and made me know La Isodieta e, Isodieta: Jaime Brugos isolipoproteic diet, which opened my eyes definitely and helped me understand what my nutrition problem was and how to solve it.

Without forgetting the rest of benefits I have experienced when lowering my weight at 28 kg, almost all of fat, 30 cm waist, improving my analytics, improving self-esteem, etc., etc.

From Here I encourage everyone to try and try because if I could do it, anyone can also be able.

Greetings from Madrid (Spain).

José Antonio Villanueva

I would like to share with you how my experience with Isodieta is going. And first of all clarify that I do not intend to be an example, since I am one of those who can say that this diet works even doing it wrong (and this is heard from Jaime in one of his lectures on YouTube).

  • I came to her looking for a solution to my overweight. With 1.67 in height he weighed 99.8.
  • I bought the book, and before receiving it I started with the diet, based on the concepts I learned in the conferences of Jaime Brugos that I saw online.
  • I eliminated all traces of junk food from home and started very lively. Enthusiasm that I have been increasing every day to check the results.

I have read the book,I use the shakes of Vitality 95, and I try to walk every day since I believe that the latter is essential to accompany the change.

I do not like obsessing with the quantities, the grams, the measurements and the accounts…

At some time I have broken by taking some fruit or some beer. That’s why I want to clarify that I am from the group that has not complied with the diet.
Even so, I have lost 9.5 kg in just under two months. And I continue motivated, generating changes in my eating habits, which I hope will always accompany me.

My thanks to Jaime Brugos, the group, and my message of encouragement to all those who have started this journey.

I’ll tell you soon more news about my weight loss.

Ah! Needless to say, the benefits at the physical level as well as in the soul are remarkable! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Lari Marchesi

IsoDIET, see To Believe!

A whole life training and eating well (I thought so), but It took me only 6 months for this book to change my life and my way of feeding, really thinking about what is really important: nourish myself and be healthy, with energy and seeing the results inside and out in my body.

I recommend it to 100 by 100

María Soledad Naranjo

I am enthusiastic about the Isodieta and the exercises given in the book. I have beenonly two months with the diet and I have already lost 12 kilos. I will try to start with the exercise as you recommend and continue without carbohydrates, since I have it very clear, they are very harmful for my body.

Thank You, Dr. Brugos for your interest in helping as many people as I do, that we are addicted to carbohydrates, and that thanks to this diet we can stop being.

Paula P.

Since My husband and I started with Isodiet, our life changed completely.

Before we had tried other diets that left us with hunger, anxiety, fatigue and malhumor. In Addition, after a good time we would return to gain weight.

With Isodieta we are full of energy, we feel well nourished and we do not have the need to “cheat” and eat extras that harm us. We have Also learned basic nutrition principles that not everyone knows.

Our gratitude is immense and we have no words to express it. We Know very well that we are enjoying now in an easy and enjoyable way many years of work, research, costs, knowledge, energy and time that the creator of Isodiet, Dr. Jaime Brugos has had to invest to establish this wonderful Food diet.

Amparo Erichten

I am a doctor and I have read his book ISODIETA and I have been doing the diet approximately four months in which I have lost more than 10 kilos.

This breaks all my nutritional schemes and generates serious conflicts, but I am willing to deepen because not only have I not noticed any deterioration in my health but on the contrary, I feel more awake, although I do not know if it is simply to space more Meals (I used to have 3 heavy meals a day and I would go into a great sleep after eating).

I get to go regularly to the bathroom, once a day or every 2 days (without extra fiber intake) when I used to go once a day but the stools were always soft or diarrheic. I attributed it to a possible allergy to milk (of which there is a nutritional theory that says it is harmful to the body because it is a strange protein that man digests badly and that greatly deteriorates the immune system).

After doing the isolipoproteic diet this has disappeared and I thought that maybe it could be due to a probable allergy to gluten?

I have noticed a clear loss of fat in my silhouette. I do not feel any major health problems despite not having taken any vitamin supplements simply for laziness to make the purchase.

For all this I go ahead, but although my specialty has nothing to do with nutrition (I dedicate myself to emergencies) and I do not remember much, yes there are a series of basic concepts that have always taught us in the race, that this diet seems break completely. They are very revolutionary concepts, and although I am open-minded, it’s hard for me to accept it unconditionally.


Fernando R

I am really alarmed with the large number of obese people in my country and also sad because there are not many research studies, like yours, on the subject.

I am currently studying at the university with a view to being a future nutritionist, I have always liked everything related to the subject, although I recognize that the problem of obesity has gotten out of hand precisely because of the wrong information we have about the topic.

I can not consider myself an expert but I have experienced first hand the problem of being overweight and worse, of not being able to get rid of those unwanted pounds, despite following faithfully the recommendations of my doctor.

I bought his book ISODIETA on a trip I made to Spain and I have put it into practice for about 4 months, with spectacular results, I have lost more than 20 pounds and I find myself with more vitality than ever. I am excited and I will deeply appreciate any additional information to learn to be able to help other people suffering from this terrible epidemic of being obese.

When they gave me their e-mail on the page, I thought it was a joke and that I was wasting time even though I took the courage to write it.

Thank you for publishing such excellent information you are a professional and great human being I hope that at least I will be able to consult you the doubts that arise, good Doctor without anything more to say I wish you much success and that your days are really longer.


Ana N.

I just wanted to tell you, apart from thanking you for your clarifications, that in only two months following the Isodieta, although I have only lost 8 kilos, I am noticing amazing changes in my body (I’ve noticed that I’m losing volume in areas of my body where I’ve never done it before, I’m using all the deadly diets I’ve practiced in my life.).

In my clothes I am also beginning to notice that I have a very big one. Anyway, I hope to continue like this and I’ll update you on the progress I’m having OK. And that I have removed that fatigue so great that I always had.

Thank you very much and good luck with this project. Best regards

Esther F.

Hello, I’ve been following his food plan for a month and I have it very well previously I followed a low-fat diet and what happened to me well described in his book I was left without strength and every time I lost more weight, with his plan I find more energy and vitality than ever but a question arises.

I practice athletics and cycling and when I go out to do long distances (2 to 3 hours) I must take an extra supplement in the diet before or during the training because even taking the milkshake in the middle of the training I notice that I stay a little empty, I am encompassed in category b.

In this first month of diet I lost 9 kg and I am super satisfied, without anything else I wait impatiently for your answer. Regards

Jose Luis G.

I have read your book and it has fascinated me, I am a high school biology teacher, 49 years old, I have been doing the diet for 30 days and I have lost 5 kilos.
Rita G.

Dear Dr. Brugos,

You can not imagine how happy John and I continue to make our diet. We do not feel hunger, or fatigue, or bad mood, or anxiety. And we know that we are well nourished.

John’s blood sugar rate is now completely normal. Since March 1 when John weighed 110 kg, he now weighs 97. I who weighed 63 kg. now weight 57 kg. Is not it wonderful?

John, at 72 years old, could not imagine that it would be so easy to lose 13 kg, and gain muscle at the same time and in less than two months !!!!

Again, thank you, Dr. Brugos. You saved my husband from great complications, as his doctor told him now. And I am happy with this “anti-aging” program at the cellular level!


Dear Jaime:

Thanks for your prompt reply. I keep reading and rereading his book, which for me has been a support for my humble theories of why sometimes, it is so complicated to lose weight, when supposedly a “healthy” diet is followed.

I have a Pilates studio and a small center of aesthetic medicine. I have been doing a lot of sport and taking care of my diet a lot, I am currently 42 years old and since my diet is based on controlling the minimum intake of foods with a high glycemic content, and I make a diet giving priority to proteins and fats, The sport I do spreads more, and my body is responding as I want.


Mª Jesús C.

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